Let's get funny

I'm proud to present my first online course in English
for improving your humor and learning to laugh more.
Join me to see how you can have more fun in everyday communication,
at work and with your friends and family.

Who is the target audience?

  • People who would like to improve their humor in everyday life
  • People who speak in front of audiences
  • People who want to succeed at telling jokes !
  • People who feel they don't laugh enough
  • Teachers, lecturers and instructors
  • You

What this course contains?

25 Videos

Each one is divived to small portion so you can focus on one thing and know how to implement it directly

Full Lifetime Access

Once you bought it - it's yours for life

7 Supplemental Resources

To help you get the most of this video course



Getting to know what makes you laugh

Humor styles

Planned humor Vs Spontaneous humor

Three levels of humor use

Developing your humor skills

Humor exercises

How to make things funnier

How to remember jokes

How to tell a joke and what not to do

How to use humor in a conversation

Funny stories

Using self-humor

Dealing with the class clown

Humor in interpersonal relationships

Women’s humor preferences

Men’s humor preferences

Humor in relationships

Exercise: Joking in relationships

Using humor in conflict situations

Learning to laugh more


What is the Investment in this course?

Instead of 1597 ₪

Only for this week: 250 ₪

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